Why French Restaurants Austin Offers are Ideal Romantic Spots for Date Night

If your dating life has evolved form the casual ambiance of “getting to know you”, and is at that stage where emotions are on fire and romance is a main focus, then the French restaurants Austin offers will present one clear winner that will make for the best romantic dinner date you can imagine. 

First, Why French Restaurants Austin Offers as Opposed to Others?

Barbeque, Tex Mex and sloppy craft food truck faire may be fun and well known in Austin, TX, but suitable for a romantic date night? Forget about it. The French food Austin offers is decadent, sets the mood, and turns up the passion. But finding the best of the best can be a challenging. The best French restaurants Austin offers will have high-quality, authentic dishes, have indoor and outdoor patio dining, set a romantic vibe, and stand out from the expected.

The Best French Restaurants Austin Presents Will Have an Amazing Wine List

The best French restaurants Austin offers will have an exquisite wine list. Afterall, you can’t think of France without thinking of good wine. And what romantic date night is complete without a bottle of wine to share, or at least a glass for each person? Look for a robust wine list of multiple choices in reds, whites, pinks, and champagne. There should be bottles you recognize, some affordable yet obscure gems, and some true rare bottles for truly special date nights. Make sure the server makes good wine pairing recommendations with your food, and allow the senses to swoon. 

The Menu

The top French restaurants Austin has placed on the map that are ideal for date night, will have a playful and robust menu that’s truly authentic and that offers dishes for all dietary needs. For example, an authentic French menu will have starters like escargot and steak tartare, as well as French onion soup. Oysters and a cheese board are also must-haves. As for main courses, roast chicken or filet prepared in the classic French manner, and bouillabaisse are expected. But if your date is vegetarian then look for a veggie take on a classic dish. For example, mushroom bourguignon or a vegetarian cassoulet would be ideal.  

Top French Restaurants Austin has for Date Night will End with Dessert

French desserts are a rare treat, and a perfect way to end your dinner date. Look for classic sweets like creme brulee, chevre blancmange, Paris Brest, chocolate bombs and vacherin. Macarons, ice cream and sorbet, and some sweet pastries are also to be expected. And make sure they serve a high quality espresso to accomodate a decadent dessert.