What You Should Know Before You Buy a Food Truck

If you are about to buy a food truck, there are a number of things you should be aware of in order to ensure you make a solid investment. Clearly, you want to buy a food truck from the best custom builder that will set you up for immediate and long-term success. But with all the options out there ranging from size, build, and food truck equipment, how do you know what considerations to prioritize when you buy a food truck? Whether you are a small family business ready to start a food truck business, or you are a large corporation and want to buy several food trucks to feed your employees and guests, this article is intended to educate people on what to consider when they go to buy a food truck.

Buy a Food Truck that Accommodates Your Growth Goals 

One of the most important things to be aware of when you buy a food truck is whether or not the build is one that will allow you to reach your growth goals. If you are a corporation and want to buy a fleet of food trucks to feed your employees, then this may not be as big of a concern as say for an entrepreneur that is starting out with one other employee and a small menu with the goal to hire more people and double the menus after making a profit in his first year of running his food truck business. This means your platform must be appropriately sized for you as you launch your food truck business, and also have the room for you to increase the size of your team, add additional food truck equipment, and have enough prep and storage space. So when you buy a food truck ask your builder to design one that will work well for you for years to come. 

When You Buy a Food Truck Should it be New, or Used?

You may be tempted to buy a food truck that has been previously owned because you will save money on the upfront cost. But there are a number of reasons why this is a bad idea and why it will likely cost you more in the long run, and even potentially cause you to fail in your food truck business. First of all, when you buy a food truck that was previously owned, you are buying a platform designed for someone else’s business model, and not your own. In addition, you don’t know the integrity of the vehicle or the food truck equipment. In 2018 more than 80 percent of first-year food truck businesses failed and had to close shop. The number one thing they all had in common? They decided to buy a food truck that was used, and suffered from numerous breakdowns the not only lead to expensive repair bills, but that took the food truck off the street thus sending customers to the competition. When you buy a food truck get one that’s new and designed to make you successful.