What You Need To Know About Plastic Surgery

It is essential that those individuals who wish to undergo surgery take into account that the area of surgical interventions is extensive, so different variants start from the goal of surgery. The main objective of surgery is to help patients improve their well-being. Talking about those interventions focused on improving people’s appearance, plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that is divided into several fields, which are: aesthetic and restorative. 

There are several differences between each of these, so it is never too much to know them.

The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to help the patient to improve their physical appearance, so that the self-esteem of the individual increases, as well as their perspectives regarding the appearance of their image. It is necessary that those who wish to undergo this type of surgery bear in mind that these surgeries can only be performed by surgeons who specialize in the aesthetic subject. This is because it is not only a simple intervention, but it also modifies the appearance of the person, which requires the experience and skills of an excellent surgeon, although the percentage of women who undergo this type of procedure is higher, around 80%.

Today, there is a growing percentage of men who are more interested in modifying their bodies to get the look they want, something that in years past was not so common. The constant concern to look good has caused these interventions to be the most performed, to the extent that, in Mexico, all the treatments that arise from cosmetic surgery are the most demanded have. It is estimated that Mexico is positioned among the first countries that perform major cosmetic surgeries. The most popular procedures are:

On the other hand, within the general branch of plastic surgery, there is one that is more focused on improving medical aspects, this type of procedure is known as reconstructive surgery. The significant difference between cosmetic surgery is that this specialization tends to focus more on restoring those ravages caused by an accident, burn, disease, trauma, or poorly performed surgical procedures. It is essential to make it clear that reconstructive surgery is not so much about improving the person’s physical appearance, but rather about the affected area complying with its biological functions. Some of the most common procedures in this area are:

Breast reconstruction- These operations are primarily focused on women who underwent a mastectomy due to complications in the area, such as breast cancer.

Foot and hand surgery – Helps to treat those areas affected by the presence of a tumor in the area or by deformities that damage the functioning of this area.

Facial surgeries- It is a question of correcting problems with the lip, respiratory deficiencies caused by fractures in the nose. Or some damage in this part of the body.

It is important to keep in mind that you should go to specialists who know how to perform these procedures since a surgeon focused on surgeries may not be able to perform any intervention of those who are responsible for performing restorative operations, and vice versa. It is always necessary to go to those who are dedicated to a specific topic.