What Types of a Multi Cell Phone Charging Station Should Shopping Centers Invest In?

If you own a shopping center, or you are a contractor that builds them, you may be looking for ways to improve the development plans to help attract more buyers and create a big ROI for your client. A multi cell phone station from a custom company can be one of the most cost-effective ways to attract shoppers and delight the board of owners. But what are the different types of a multi cell phone charging station that work well in shopping centers, and where should they go? This article will shed some light on the topic.

Multi Cell Phone Charging Station for Shoppers that Want Greater Security

If you are in a smaller retail store where the multi cell phone charging station is always in the shopper’s sight, then less security is required. However, if the store’s floor plan is large, or the multi-cell phone charging station is located in the mall’s lobby or entrance area, you will want a secure place to charge your phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. For these scenarios, consider a cell phone charging locker. These allow shoppers to plug in their phones inside a lockable storage unit, and use either a key card or a traditional key to gain access to the phone while keeping it away from the prying hands of others.  These are great because people can shop confidently in any store knowing full well that nobody can rip off their phone. 

What is the Best Multi Cell Phone Charging Station for Small Retail Stores?

For small retail spaces, the best multi cell phone charging station you can invest in would be one that’s wall mounted. Small retail stores have little floor space, in fact, the floor space is sacred as its primary purpose is to display products while providing safe places for people to walk without clutter. This is why a wall mounted charging station is so valuable, as it doesn’t take up floor space. When a multi cell phone charging station is mounted to the wall, customers have a place to charge their phones in plain site while store managers can come up with creative solutions for product displays. 

Custom Multi Cell Phone Charging Stations that Advertise and Market to Consumers

The best multi cell phone charging station is one that advertises directly to shoppers as they charge their smartphones. For example, a multi cell phone charging station in the middle of the mall where parents can sit as children play in ball bits or ride the train can market various stores to consumers. Stores can pay to advertise on these custom platforms showcasing the deal of the day, or present coupons shoppers can scan with their phones. Such a multi cell phone charging station can attract more shoppers to various stores, increase mall revenue, and attract more shoppers to the mall, as knowing there are commercial cell phone charging stations will make the shopping center more desirable than others.