What Gas Station Chains Look for in a Top Snow Removal Company

Snow, ice and freezing conditions can cause gas stations to close down, not only causing businesses to lose thousands of dollars but also inconveniencing motorists and causing traffic clusters throughout the city. As a result, savvy gas station chains will book exterior property maintenance with a snow removal company to ensure their business remains thriving even in the worst kind of weather. But with so many snow removal companies out there, how are regional managers for gas station chains supposed to find the right provider to contract with? This article will shed some light on this very subject. 

Make Sure the Snow Removal Company Performs Routine and Flexible Scheduled Visits

Not all snow removal companies have the same principals or operational guidelines. Some only come out once a day, while others might come at other strict predetermined times. But when it comes to Mother Nature, there are no timelines or limits for how much snow descends, nor is there a clock for determining the time. Make sure to invest in a snow removal company that sticks to the routine visits, but that will make other visits too if necessary; even if it means coming multiple times a day. The weather forecast will let your snow removal company know how often they will need to come to ensure your gas station creates a safe entry and exit for customers, and they should never deviate from the necessary strategy. 

All the Right Snow Removal Services

In addition to scheduling flexibility, gas station managers should make sure the service provider has the right team, equipment and skills to perform all the necessary services necessary for protecting a gas station’s exterior property while ensuring a safe environment for customers and employees. These services should include snow removal, ice removal, snow stacking, asphalt repair, curb repair, sidewalk repair, parking lot striping, catch basin repair, grounds care and exterior maintenance on building facades. 

When cracks form in asphalt or concrete, the freezing weather can cause them to widen and expand thus causing greater costly damage. In addition, these cracks can become so severe that they can cause car damage for your customers–something you are liable for fixing. 

Finally, every year people trip over damaged curbsides and they stumble over deep cracks in parking lots. It is critical to find a snow removal company that can detect these flaws and fix them to help protect the integrity of your business and keep customers safe from harm.

Snow and Ice Removal

Lastly, make sure the snow removal company uses the best methods and products for ice removal. Slip and falls happen all the time, and can cost companies thousands of dollars in legal problems. Salting the parking lot is a must, but also using the right treatments on sidewalks and other common areas is important to prevent thick ice buildup. Contact a snow removal company today and learn what the perfect strategy is for keeping your gas stations open and safely running all winter long.