What Defines the Best Italian Food Austin Offers Pizza and Pasta Lovers?

Austin is a culinary capital of America, and though it is more known for Tex Mex and barbeque, you can find any cuisine in the city ranging from Thai to Cambodian, and from French to Greek. But Italian is always a classic favorite. It is familiar, yet exotic. It is perfect for special events or casual dining. But with so many pizza and pasta places in town, how can diners locate and experience the best Italian food Austin offers? Whether you are a tourist from Boston, you are visiting from Dallas, or you are a local resident living in one of Austin’s amazing neighborhoods, this article is intended to help people learn how to identify all the signs of the best Italian food Austin has placed on the map. 

Tomato Sauce Dictates the Beat Italian Food Austin Offers

Sauce is at the heart of Italian food Austin offers hungry eaters. While some Italian restaurants in Austin use locally grown tomatoes (which can be fine if you aren’t claiming to serve authentic dishes), the best Italian food in Austin will serve pizza and pasta made with sauce and gravy from San Marzano tomatoes. 

San Marzano tomatoes are the most famous type to come out of Italy. These plum tomatoes are delicate, aeromatic and are hand-picked at the peak of their ripeness. Due to the high quality control placed on the San Marzano’s sourcing and harvesting, most top chefs in the world regard this type of tomato as the best in the world to use for pizza sauce and tomato-based gravy for pasta and other Italian dishes. That said, the best Italian food Austin offers will use San Marzano tomatoes to create authentic, high-quality pizza and pasta dishes.  

The Best Pizza in Austin is Served with the Best Italian Food Austin Delivers

If you are looking for the best pizza Austin offers, then clearly big box chains are off the table. You need to find restaurants known for serving the best Italian food Austin has, and this restaurant should contain a stone or brick oven for making authentic, delicious pizza. Stone and brick pizza ovens allow for that old world flavor to lock into the crust, while giving it a nice crunch with a soft cloud-like center. If you are looking for the best Austin pizza places, turn your attention to restaurants known for serving the best Italian food Austin has, make sure they use the right traditional oven, San Marzano sauce, and authentic, fresh ingredients. This way, you are guaranteed to enjoy unforgettable pizza form the best Italian food Austin has from the east to west side. 

The Best Italian Food Austin Spots will have Handmade Pasta

The best Italian food Austin can offer will have handmade pasta, and a wide variety of it. From pappardelle to linguini, and from ravioli to lasagna, the best Italian food Austin can prepare will have a skilled chef that creates pasta in-house, with his bare hands, to offer that perfect taste and texture one would expect to experience in any top restaurant in Rome or Naples.  

Follow these tips, and you will indeed find the best Italian food Austin offers that will satisfy the pickiest pallets looking for pizza and pasta, and that will likely become your new favorite spot for dinner in Austin TX.