What Businesses Should Look for in Demolition Contractors and Oil Tank Removal NJ Companies

Even though we are focusing specifically on the needs of New Jersey area businesses, oil tank removal and demolition contractors go hand-in-hand in the north eastern states of America. Why? Because at the turn of the century, oil tanks were buried on commercial properties to provide heat and hot water to businesses. When it comes to commercial demolition contractors in New Jersey, oil tank removal NJ services are almost always required because New Jersey is notorious for having had thousands of oil tank sweeps and removals performed, and thousands of buried oil tanks still remain. This article is intended to help businesses in the Garden State learn what to look for in the best oil tank removal NJ companies that offer demolition contractors to ensure that a cost-effective, safe and thorough job is performed. 

Oil Tank Removal NY and Demolition Contractors Certifications

It is crucial to check the various certifications held by oil tank removal NJ companies and their team of demolition contractors. In the event of an accident your insurance could deny a claim if the demolition contractors and the oil tank removal NJ team doesn’t have the appropriate certifications. Make sure the following certifications are held:


  • NJ Business Registration
  • NJ Division of Consumer Affairs
  • NJ Division of Property Management and Construction
  • NJ DOT
  • NJ Employee Information Report
  • NJ Public Works Registration 
  • NJ Schools Development
  • NJ Small Business Enterprise 
  • NJ Solid Waste Transporter
  • NJ DEP (UST)
  • NJ Weights and Measures


When oil tank removal NJ companies with teams of demolition contractors hold these certifications, you can count on them as a reliable, law-abiding company with nothing to hide and that has skilled, highly trained experts in their teams. 

Check for Any Past Legal Problems

If the oil tank removal NJ company and their team of demolition contractors have the above certification, then your job of searching to see if they were involved in any past legal disasters will be an easy one. The last thing you want to do is hire an oil tank removal NJ business to remove buried oil tanks from your property that has caused past spills, destroyed property, or illegal waste transportation and disposal that resulted in companies having legal battles with the state or government. Make sure your oil tank removal NJ company has a clean record and is in good standing and you will be less likely to run into major disasters. 

Oil Tank Removal Companies with Demolition Contractors Should Offer Insurance

As previously mentioned, mishaps can occur when environmental services are performed, especially oil tank removal services and all the tasks commonly seen executed by demolition contractors. That said, make sure your oil tank removal NJ company you partner with offers at least 5 million dollars of liability and pollution insurance on every job so that, in any unplanned event that could lead t a catastrophe, you are covered.