What an American is Looking for in Mexico

Americans travel to Mexico for many reasons. Because of its history, its beautiful beaches, its magnificent food and, also, because of the possibility of finding health services at your fingertips, since in North America this type of service is extremely expensive.

Affordable dentistry

One of the services most sought by Americans in Mexico is that of Dentists in Tijuana, both for their excellent experience, and for the services they offer, ranging from curing cavities to root canals, orthodontics, dental implants, dental implants, smile and much more.

If you come from the United States you can hire a dentist in Tijuana, with the guarantee and security of his professionalism, particularly if he belongs to one of the famous clinics that are in the place.

Both for their excellent services and for the follow-up given to patients and their friendly attention, dentists in Tijuana are becoming increasingly famous in North America, so many Americans come for their dental treatments and, incidentally, they become tourists and even in temporary inhabitants of the country, because they love to visit it for its beautiful landscapes. 

It is no secret to anyone that Mexico has some of the most beautiful and paradisiacal beaches in the world, so why not have dental treatment and also a wonderful vacation?

If you go from the United States to Mexico in your own car, do not forget this:

Because some North Americans must travel between the two countries for business and even for dental and medical services, the Mexican government modified the insurance laws, requiring mandatory coverage liability insurance on all federal highways, particularly for vehicles. 

Currently it is necessary to have civil liability insurance for automobiles that transit in the country by a Mexican insurer, since United States policies are not accepted in Mexico.

This happens because the North American insurers always indicate that they do not cover expenses outside the country, in such a way that, if there was an accident, the driver had to directly assume all the costs produced by it, which can be really expensive.  

In principle, the requirement to have valid automobile insurance in Mexico was only for those automobiles that had recent models, but, as of January 1, 2019, it became mandatory for all vehicles, regardless of what year they were manufactured. . 

In this case, the Mexican car insurance has a civil liability insurance that covers all damages to people and also to properties that may be harmed in an accident, which is highly advantageous considering the cost vs. results. 

As you can see, you have excellent options to travel to Mexico and receive excellent treatment with a Tijuana dentist. Even paying for auto insurance will be cheaper than getting treatment in the United States paying full cost. 

In this way, without a doubt you will smile again with total confidence and at a totally affordable price.