Tips when reopening clinics and offices

The need that exists to continue working and to raise the economy has generated that in different parts of the world, the confinement is being increased progressively, this according to the level of contagion that exists in the place. So while some have returned to their activities, others must wait or implement protection methods endorsed by governments so that they can open their workspaces.

In Mexico, due to the increase in infections, many states are in the red phase, this stage mentions that it is a high-risk area due to the percentage of people with COVID-19. In this type of state, the activities have not been able to return ultimately, and if some businesses are already working, it is because they comply with the regulations. For example, in Baja California, several companies have opened their doors, following specific rules, although they are still in a state of alert.

The dentist in Tijuana and, in general, all those who offer services focused on the health area must be meticulous because they must protect their team and their patients. This time, we will mention some acts that specialists can perform within their clinics or consultants so they can be protected when reopening their doors to the public.

Contacting and informing patients

Before opening the facilities, it is necessary to have prior communication with the patients, so that they are notified of the new regulations that are going to be implemented. A couple of days must be dedicated to this action, either through social networks, email, or phone calls. This also serves to notify the public that the clinic will reopen so that people can schedule appointments.

Combining the type of assistance

Since it will not be possible to return entirely to normal, it is necessary for health professionals to attend, for the time being, only to patients who present an emergency or to open the office 2 to 3 times a week. This is to get back on track and avoid exposure to any virus. On the other hand, some people can be consulted using a video call. And although this last one cannot be very feasible for many specialists, some others like the psychologists have been implementing this method.

Being active on digital platforms

Today, more than ever, specialists must place great emphasis on the management of digital platforms, this in terms of social networks and the website. Therefore, it will be necessary to opt for marketing strategies focused on improving the image of the clinic, as well as to be able to gain visibility within these media. Although you can also opt for traditional marketing, it is better to invest in digital since there is a greater audience reach and there will not be as much need to spend a lot of money.

Knowing the patient’s status before the appointment

Before people come to the clinic, a questionnaire must be made to fill in from their cell phones or computer. This will allow everyone in the office to be aware of the state in which the patient was or is found. It is also an excellent way to find out if the person was exposed to COVID-19.