One on One Online French Tutor for Your Child

With the world stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, and children moving their education home as well, now is no better time than ever for your child to learn a new language. LanguageBird was made just for times like these, as we intended our service to be a gateway for our users to explore myriad foreign cultures and languages. We wanted to extend our passion for global curiosity to you with a variety of tools to explore various languages and access to tutors. This does include access to an online French tutor. Let’s explore some numerous resources we offer as well as why LanguageBird is a great choice in general for your curious child in this time of extended free time.

Finding A Great Online French Tutor

We all want what’s best for our children’s future, and we want to do anything we can to ensure they have a great advantage to ensure such a future. In our new global world, there is no better advantage we can give them than the chance to learn a new language. A brief tangent into a personal anecdote if you’ll allow me, but I got the pleasure of learning two languages in the course of my young adulthood. I was in high school, and I had the tremendous privilege of taking Japanese in school for four years. This evoked a fascination within me for East Asian culture which continued on to lead me to major in Korean Language History and Culture when I went to college. 

This having been said, it can be easily confirmed from not only my personal experience but from our countless testimonials, that learning a new language opens up a doorway to a new fascination in another culture that can lead to a lifetime of learning and perhaps even a new career choice. That leads us to the meat of this article, finding an online tutor for your child in the beautiful language of French.

Our approach to learning is based around a relationship built on immersive one on one mentoring in myriad languages. We will go into French customs and how they interact culturally, giving your child a trip abroad without having to leave their home in these times of quarantine. We also offer a competency and project-based learning curriculum, because we believe we need regular benchmarks for how your child is doing so that we do not go too far without them understanding and showing competence. 

COVID-19 Resources

We understand that this time is hard and stressful for everyone, we want to make your time easier by providing some helpful resources for those curious and those already learning. We offer our full suite of classes uninterrupted, and we can even provide credit for many schools through our accreditation. We have our full language learning library, and we have many blogs just like this one to provide helpful information about any of our topics. We also offer what we are calling “bird bites” in which some of our instructors provide short five minute videos breaking down some of the most common challenges that go with learning any new language.

If you have any more questions about our curriculum or what languages we offer, contact us