How to Buy a Wet to Dry Flat Iron that Offers the Best Value

If you straighten your hair like most people, you are likely used to the inconvenient, time-consuming practice of completely blow drying your hair before you begin straightening it. A high-quality wet to dry flat iron is designed to straighten hair, whether it is completely dry or damp after a shower. 

This article is intended to help women find the best wet to dry flat iron that will offer them the look they desire, while investing in a high-quality hair styling tool that will give them an abundance of value. 

Does the Wet to Dry Flat Iron Really do What it Claims to?

Just do some thorough research and you will quickly learn that the only wet to dry flat iron that dries and styles hair at the same time is the MAX PRIME WET TO DRY. This amazing wet to dry flat iron by Instyler has a two-way 1.5’’ rotating iron making it the must-have hair styling tool due to its ability to style damp or dry hair.

What Features Should I Look for in a Wet to Dry Flat Iron? 

One wet to dry flat iron is not going to offer the same value as the next. When shopping for a wet to dry flat iron hair styling tool, you should look for one with the following features:

  • Wet to dry bristles
  • 1’’ revolving barrel with two-way rotation
  • Four heat settings up to 425°F

  • Tourmaline ceramic heated plate
  • Automatic shut off
  • 7’ professional swivel cord
  • Accessories included like a removable heat guard

These are necessary things to have in a wet to dry flat iron if you are looking to maximize the value of your investment. Not only do these aid in creating the best possible style you seek, but the added safety features prove to be a life saver. Every year thousands of women report burning their counter tops due to hot hair styling tools that are left on valuable marble or other stone surfaces. Why run the risk of having to replace a $3000 slab of counter top stone when you can get a smart wet to dry flat iron with a heat guard and an automatic shut off function?

Choose a Wet to Dry Flat Iron for Your Hair Type

There is a wet to dry flat iron available for most hair types. But let’s face it, people’s hair changes. Based on the product you use, your hair can evolve from coarse to fine, and people like to switch up their hair style length all the time. You will get the best investment from a wet to dry flat iron designed to accommodate all hair types, lengths and textures. With a wet to dry flat iron like this, you know your investment will take you far as you can use it for decades, regardless of your hairstyle, and the MAX PRIME WET TO DRY is made from the highest quality materials meant to last!