4 Things Top Solar Panel Companies Have in Common

If you are looking for the top solar panel companies in your city, then clearly you have done some level of research to know that investing in solar panels can help you save thousands on your utility bill. But how do you know whether you are investing in top solar panel companies that can get you the best savings, or mediocre operations that give you the industry standards (or worse, less than that)? This article is intended to help homeowners and commercial properties alike learn how to identify the top solar panel companies and avoid working with the ones that use smoke and mirrors to create only the semblance of a good deal. 


  1. Top Solar Panel Companies have been in Business for 10 Years or More

The best solar panel companies are the ones that will be around for decades to come, as once you buy solar panels, only the company that installs them can do future repairs without the warranty being voided out. That said, top solar panel companies will have been in business for at least a decade because this helps give consumers peace of mind knowing that the solar panel company has been doing well to stay in business this long, and will not be going out of business anytime soon. That said, look for solar panel companies that have been in business for 10 years that can show steady growth in the last decade. 


  1. The Best Solar Panel Warranties Come from Top Solar Panel Companies

When researching various installers in your quest to find the top solar panel companies, look for the ones that offer amazing warranties. Outstanding solar panel warranties will offer 25 years of coverage on the solar panels themselves, as well as racking, roofing, performance guarantee, workmanship and the inverter. Don’t settle for solar panel warranties that offer fewer than 25 years of coverage, and demand that this coverage spans these points addressed. 


  1. Analyzing Your Utility Bill and Predicting Savings

Any solar system company will come to your home or business to give you a free estimate, but top solar panel companies will analyze your energy bill over the last year, take the total cost of the solar system (after rebates and tax credits) and show you how long it will take to pay off the investment and start cashing in on your ROI. They use your data to predict savings, and not their own. 


  1. Help with Financing

Another thing top solar panel companies have in common is that they help their customers with financing options. The best solar companies will be aware of the latest state and Federal tax credits, rebates, and other incentives that shave thousands of dollars off the price thereby making solar panels affordable for most homes and businesses. Why navigate all of this information on your own when top solar panel companies with a decade of experience can help you qualify right away, and who already know what you will qualify for?

Follow these four tips when searching for top solar panel companies, and you will find a great provider that will save you thousands.